The Ebriorexia

The ebriorexia is a new disease that is beginning to be known due to the large number of women affected. Consists of a combination of anorexia, bulimia and alcohol.

“This disease is extremely serious as those who ingest alcohol refuse to eat to compensate for the calories has this drink and bodies are damaging much faster in the process,” says the nutritionist Argentina Romina Vargas.

This phenomenon has aroused the concern of the specialists because of the large amount of famous women who have been exhibited publicly and that suffer from this disease.

“Already we have many problems with anorexia and bulimia and other eating disorders such as to add triggered the alcoholic intake. It is a powerful and bad example and families must be very vigilant so that this behavior they see in those Hollywood stars does not act negatively in adolescents.

But also, the unit to alcohol and the poor feeding unfortunately are two constants that are present in adult women and that are dealt with in the consultations with ever greater attendance,” says the specialist.

The danger focuses on the social acceptance that has the alcohol. “If a person drink socially, not a bad seen, but it is very dangerous as the trend of drinking alcohol is accompanied very often with the intake of drugs and if above you suffer from food dysfunctions, the final cocktail may prove fatal,” warns Vargas.

The disease is recent, but the clinics specializing in detoxification are already proposing treatments in order to combat it. This creates alarm in relation to this evil is that “drinking to excess is tolerated and be trickle is a requirement cultural.

Both patterns never going to be able eradicated by many efforts being made. What should be achieved is to strengthen the self-esteem of each woman and create a social resistance and love for one’s body,” says the specialist.

The treatment should begin when he attacks the disease is as a whole. “This type of diseases not only presented a clinical picture. The psychological pathologies associated with the food are becoming more.

For that reason it is vital that a person with symptoms of ebriorexia is viewed by a psychologist, your doctor and a nutritionist. When you have a clearer picture of its real condition and gravity will certainly be adding more specialists, but the most important is to act quickly and go urgently to a doctor who can diagnose and make the appropriate shunt,” suggests Vargas.

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